Cambridge Centre is managed by Morguard Investments Limited, one of Canada's largest integrated real estate companies. As an organization, Morguard is committed to continually improving the environmental performance of our buildings, ensuring safe and comfortable surroundings for our occupants, and contributing to a healthy and sustainable environment in our communities. This has led to the creation of the Green Link program, designed to promote "green" practices within all Morguard buildings.

As a participant in the Green Link program, Cambridge Centre became BOMA BESt  Level 1 certified in July 2010. BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) certification is a nationally recognized comprehensive environmental certification program that sets best practice standards for energy and enviornomental performance of existing buildings utilizing independant audits and educational assessment tools.

Cambridge Centre strives to be a community leader in its environmental initiatives. We are proud of our achievements to date which we focus our efforts on five areas:

Energy Conservation

  • New Building Automation System controlls lighting and building temperatures. 
  • Proud yearly participant in Earth Hour
  • Partner in the Demand Response program to shed temporary unneeded electricity demands to lessen the burden on the power grid
  • Optimizing building temperatures day and night
  • Long-term program in place to replace older HVAC rooftop units with more energy efficient models
  • New energy efficient hand dryers in all washrooms. Not only do they save energy, this initiative has diverted over 6,000 pounds of paper hand towel to landfill each year
  • Replacement of MR-16 halogen light bulbs with LED

Water Conservation

  • New irrigation system controllers with rain sensors to entire system 
  • Automatic faucet and stalls in customer washrooms

Waste Management

  • Received bronze award through the Recycling Council of Ontario's 2008 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards
  • New energy efficient hand dryers in all washrooms. This initiative has diverted over 6,000 pounds of paper hand towel to landfill each year.
  • Use of biodegradable garbage bags
  • Use of "green" cleaning products as much as possible
  • Use of coreless bathroom tissue rolls reducing packaging waste
  • New waste/recycling disposal units throughout the shopping centre
  • Tenant recycling programs include:
    • Cardboard recycling
    • Glass, plastic and metal recycling
    • Cooking oil recycling
    • Store-to-store blue box recycling
    • Light bulb recycling
    • E-waste recycling
    • Battery recycling
    • Printer ink/toner cartridge recycling
    • Wood pallet recycling
    • Organic waste collection from food court and hair salon tenants
    • Waste audit and waste reduction plan completed yearly.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Air tested on a regular basis
  • HVAC rooftop unit preventative maintenance program
  • Use of "live" plants throughout the interior/exterior of the shopping centre
  • Air temperature and C02 levels monitored 24 hours through Building Automation System
  • CO sensors monitor air around ice rink 


  • Communicate with our tenants to inform, educate and share information and updates about the ongoing initiatives and successes within the Green Link program

Future Initiatives:

  • Replacement of all T-12 fluorescent lamp fixtures with more energy efficient types
  • Installing VendingMiser units on all vending type machines
  • Installing energy efficient parking lot and Ice Centre lighting
  • Upgrading Ice Centre mechanical systems to become more energy efficient
  • Increasing construction waste diversion from landfill which will include recycling and donating to charities
  • Increasing organic waste collection program